At the International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law, we follow a two-staged process for Journal submission. To make the process transparent, we give below the life-cycle of a manuscript in the IJPSL.

  • All the submitted manuscripts will undergo a Double-Blind Peer-Review Process. This implies that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed during the process. Identities of the author will be hidden from the reviewers, and vice versa.
  • Every manuscript that enters the IJPSL will either be accepted or rejected. This decision will be communicated to the author(s) within 3-5 days of submission
  • If accepted, the author(s) will receive an email enclosing the Consent Form and Payment Details for the Manuscript Publication Charges. If rejected, the author(s) will receive an email conveying the same.
  • After receiving the Manuscript Publication Charges and the duly signed Consent Form from the author(s), the manuscript will be sent for the Peer-Review.
  • Once approved by the Peers, the manuscripts will be assigned for the Editorial Board Review. The Journal Editors will evaluate all the accepted manuscripts, select and edit them as per our guidelines and make a final decision about what gets published.
  • If the manuscript is accepted with minor/major changes, the author(s) will be notified with the Edited Manuscript, conveying all the changes made by our Board, along with a Manuscript Review, communicating all the changes which need to be executed by the author(s) via an email. The author(s) must adhere to the time communicated to them while making the suggested changes and resubmit the corrected manuscript. 
  • After receiving the corrected manuscript from the author(s) within a stipulated time, the manuscript will be reviewed again, ensuring the corrections. However, if the author(s) elapse the deadline for the resubmission, the manuscript may not be considered for publication in the journal. 
  • If the resubmitted manuscript satisfies the guidelines of the IJPSL, the author(s) will receive the Final Draft of their manuscript along with the Author(s) Declaration, to be signed by every author of the concerned manuscript. 
  • If the resubmitted manuscript does not ensure the suggested changes, the author(s) will be notified again and the same process will be repeated. 
  • After receiving the signed Author(s) Declaration, the manuscript will be sent for publication and the authors will be communicated the publication via an email. 
  • The publication of a manuscript in the IJPSL takes around 30-45 working days, after acceptance.

Note: The authors are eligible to secure a maximum of one publication per volume.