International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law

The International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law is an online, academic, quarterly peer-reviewed international Journal, established in September 2020. Each volume contains four issues, published every 3 months.

The IJPSL, as a scholarly journal, fosters discourse in the realm of policy sciences, law and other relevant principles. With shifting paradigms in power structures, the IJPSL seeks to concoct the future perspective through the lens of innovation and empirical studies.
By invigorating a burgeoning perspective, the IJPSL expedites amendments in the functioning of the development sector. It gives credence to behavioural insights as an entity, thus providing a podium to fresh perspectives in the realms of public policy, welfare and other sectors.

The IJPSL is an academic initiative undertaken by Project uP, a Not-for-Profit social enterprise, working in accordance with SDG-4 and contributing towards a reformation in the current development and education sectors. We aim at catalysing social welfare and development by on-field surveys, supported by different projects, and by conducting research, thus, translating our findings at the grass-root level and generating an impact.

ISSN: 2582-9203

Peer Review Process: 

Double-Blind Peer Review 


Frequency of Publication:

Quarterly (4 issues per year)




Open Access


Project uP

C/O Mr. Vardaan Shekhawat (Publisher)

Sector 21, Rohini, 

Delhi – 110086, India


Mr. Vardaan Shekhawat, Publisher