The International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law aims to create a discursive niche in academia by functioning as an accessible platform that deconstructs, analyses and reconstructs multifarious subjects of socio-political consequence- both basic and nuanced- from a multitude of diverse perspectives.

The mission of our Journal is to transcend and disintegrate the invisible boundary between the academic and the societal by first initiating an osmosis of knowledge, and subsequently, by initiating dialogue to harbour change driven by the knowledge disseminated by the IJPSL.

The parent organisation of the IJPSL, Project uP, from its experience in the welfare sector recognised that there existed a vacuum between academicians, researchers, and students on the one hand, and social welfare workers on the other. Often, academic findings fail to trickle to the masses and conversely, masses negate the practical validity of academia in social work. By the means of this journal, we aim to bridge this gap and develop a network of symbiotic association between the academic and the practical, to further ultimate the change for the greater good of humankind.