Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

  • The IJPSL publishes different styles of academic writings. A general idea for the word limit of these workpieces is mentioned below. Be as concise and succinct as possible.
          ○ Research and Review Papers: Not less than 2500 words
          ○ Essays and Literature Reviews: 1500-3000 words
          ○ Articles: 500-700 words
          ○ Commentary Papers: 3000 words
          ○ Blogs: 800-1000 words
  • The submitted manuscript must contain the following components explicitly/implicitly:

            ○ Title page
            ○ Abstract
            ○ Keywords (approximately 3-7)
            ○ Introduction
            ○ Methodology
            ○ Analysis, if required
            ○ Solutions/recommendations, if required
            ○ Conclusion
            ○ References

  • The manuscripts must contain complete name(s) and institutional affiliations of the author(s) and/or organisation including email address.
  • All the manuscripts submitted should be free from any/all forms of plagiarism.

Writing and Word Limit:

  • Writing an abstract is mandatory.
  • Be very perceptive and careful with grammar, language and syntax.
  • The author(s) are suggested to refer to the online Language Editing Services, if required, to ensure the quality of their writing. However, the IJPSL neither endorses nor prescribes any such services.
  • Ensure that the paper is well-structured- the ideas ought to be lucid and unbiased. Further, if the paper is recommendatory, introduction of realistic ideas that can trigger change is imperative. The recommendations need to be creative yet grounded.
  • Make sure that there are no logical fallacies, inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies in the paper.


  • Key Words (approximately 3-7) should be stated after the abstract, distinctly, for indexing and online search purposes.
  • The citations should follow the American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago and Bluebook style of citations.
  • Abbreviations should be used wherever necessary and should be aided with it’s full-form when they are first used. SI units should be used throughout.
  • All pages must be portrait, not landscape.
  • Try following the ‘Sentence case’ throughout the document.

The text should be in accordance with the following:
      ○ Font-face: Times New Roman
      ○ Font-size: 12 pts
      ○ Line spacing: 1.5

Images, Diagrams, Tables, Graphs and other Illustrations:

  • All the tables, figures and images should be in .jpg, .pdf, formats.
  • Position the tables, figures and pictures suitably and all these should be properly cited.