Manuscript Publication Charges

All manuscripts published in the International Journal of Policy Sciences and Law (IJPSL) are widely available for readers without any cost barriers. For revenue generation, a minimal manuscript processing charge is undertaken to cover the cost of publication of manuscripts. This MPC is provided by authors for covering the publication and subsequent costs related to their manuscript. There are no additional payments, no submission charges, and no fee for rejected manuscripts.
In case of need, MPC can be waived off and considerable support and subsidies can be
provided to make IJPSL more accessible to persons from various backgrounds

Manuscript Publication Charges- INR 1000

The MPC covers all the costs of the journal administration and the editorial procedures. This includes the cost of the double-blind peer review process, the manuscript review, editing and formatting. It also includes the payments towards anti-plagiarism software and website maintenance.

The MPC also covers the costs of philanthropic initiatives taken up by IJPSL’s parent organisation, Project uP. The funds generated from IJPSL go towards the social welfare measures that Project uP continues to work towards.